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Canal Day Tickets

Full details on our Shropshire Union and Llangollen canal stretches can be found below and in our map book here

All club rules apply, you should familiarise yourself with the club rules and ensure you abide by them at all times.

Canal Specific Rules

  • Day ticket per person allows for a maximum of two baited rods in the canal at any one time and fishing from dawn till dusk all year around.

  • Fishing is only allowed from the tow path side of the canal

  • Members must not cause any annoyance, damage, injury or obstruction to the canal, towpath, tenants or its neighbours or interfere in any manner with boats in or moving through the canal

  • Members shall gain access to and egress from the canal at recognised access points only by means of a right of way on foot along the towpath

  • ALL fish must be returned, the club operate a catch and release policy and will report ALL fish theft to the authorities

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