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Fisheries Update

In 2020 the club embarked on a development plan. Whilst this involved all areas, the key parts were capping the number of members to avoid crowded waters and to improve the quality of fishing on offer. This meant looking at each of our waters, agree an identity for them and ensure they are stocked to their optimum.


This process is ongoing, however progress has been swift. As at early 2022 almost 6,000lb of fish of various species have been introduced with more on order. Carp to over 20lbs have been purchased from VS Fisheries, Coarse Fish UK and Sports & Leisure Fisheries Ltd. All are of exceptional quality.


It's not all about King Carp, Hampton Springs supplied Lymm AC with over 120 Crucians and the club are in the process of sourcing further stocks of quality Tench & Wells Catfish.


An advantage Lymm AC has over many other clubs is our Netting Team. Over the last 2 years they been asked to conduct outside nettings including removing carp and coarse fish from Trout Fisheries and a fish rescue on a lake that was being drained down. These endeavours produced fish that are either expensive to buy or just simply aren't available from commercial Fish Farmers.


The highlights of these nettings were Carp to 25lbs, Tench to over 8lbs, Bream to over 12lbs and Roach to 3lbs. All these fish are now available for our members to enjoy.


The photographs document some of the story so far, however further fish of the quality we want will be introduced when they become available and where we see the need for them to be introduced . 

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