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A “few hours after work” brings new club record barbel!

Lymm AC member and River Severn regular, Phil O’Callaghan, took advantage of a lovely evening to have a a few hours fishing on the Lymm AC stretch of the Severn at Rossall after work, he’s glad he did!

Another glorious, Severn sunset.

Another glorious, Severn sunset.

Phil arrived at his swim around 6 p.m. and set about putting three feeders full of bait in his swim. With the river level being low, Phil found that the peg he was on was about 3′ above the water, with that in mind, he made sure he could get in the edge ok to avoid having to manhandle any prospective catch up the bank – it was a plan that was to pay dividends later on.

At around 7.50 p.m., Phil received his first action to his rods, but instead of an anticipated ‘three foot twitch’ from a barbel, there was just a ‘tap-tap’. Phil was already thinking chub and lifted into the bite and into a fish. This fish remained fairly static and he realised that he  was in fact attached to a barbel and possibly a good one at that.

As he played the fish under another glorious Severn sunset, Phil was telling himself that this could be a bit special and in his words, “something inside me was telling not to lose this one and to take my time.” With the river level so low, the fish couldn’t find deeper water so it did the next best thing, it decided to “run for Shrewsbury!” as Phil described it. While having the chance, Phil managed to get in the edge, position himself properly and ready the net.

The moment of truth....

The moment of truth….

It wasn’t over yet though, the fish had other ideas and went on about half a dozen more powerful runs before it eventually went in the net to be rested, while Phil prepared to weigh it and get a quick self-take shot of his prize. Once on the scales, the dial showed a reading  of 11lb 5oz, a stunning fish and a new Lymm AC, barbel record. For the record, Phil’s tactics included a free-running feeder, together with a 3′ hook length, a size 10 barbless hook and a hookbait of an 8mm halibut pellet.

Phil O'Callaghan with the new Lymm AC record barbel of 11lb 5oz.

Phil O’Callaghan with the new Lymm AC record barbel of 11lb 5oz.

Our congratulations go to Phil for what is a fantastic capture of a superb specimen – well done, Phil! If you would like to have a chance of catching specimen fish like this, check out our website where you can find details of lots of different waters to go at, including the incredible value of the ‘Rivers and Canals’ membership at just £35. We look forward to hearing from you – tight lines!

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