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A fifty-five year wait, ended!

Lymm AC member Billy Siviter (billysiv on the forum) recently visited Wrinehill Pool in pursuit of large carp and managed to remove a very large monkey from his back! Read his account below…….

“The BBC weather forecast said the heavy, overnight rain would pass through by 3a.m., however, as my friend and I arrived at the pool at 5a.m., it was still raining, albeit easing off. What was more noticeable was that the wind that had been pushing down the pool away from the car park all week, had now swung in the opposite direction.

I’ve spent quite a few sessions on the pool this summer for no reward, trying all sorts of different tactics, rigs and baits etc. By 6a.m., I was set up and fishing one rod down the right hand margin with a white ‘tutti-frutti’ pop-up and one rod just slightly out to the left. It was a quiet first hour and having spoke to another angler who suggested a switch to fishmeal boilies. So, with nothing to lose, both rods were changed to fishmeals that had been soaked in a concoction of evil smelling liquids, they really did stink to high heaven (and so do your fingers for a day or two after handling them!)

The rods were recast with six-bait stringers and I settled down and dozed off in the chair. At around 10a.m., the peace was shattered by the sound of my left hand alarm shrieking out its warning! I was in! The fish bored out and down into deeper water and then started to kite left. As it came closer to the bank, it almost kited into the reeds, but fortunately it went into open water again. The rest went smoothly with my friend assisting in the netting at which point the barbless hook dropped out in the net!

Once up on the scales, we recorded a weight of 22lb 7oz, a new PB and my first ‘twenty’ in 55 years of angling! I’d like to thank that angler for his advice regarding the change of bait, I’m afraid I didn’t get his name”.

Billy with his long awaited 'twenty'!

Billy with his long awaited ‘twenty’!

Congratulations, Billy! Here’s hoping you have many more now that you’ve broke through the ‘twenty’ barrier. If you would like the chance to catch fish like this, then simply visit our website at where you will find information about all of our waters and, of course, details of how to join. We look forward to hearing from you!

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