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Blue Light Angling

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

We are a North West angling charity in our 3rd year, our aim is to help any person working or retired from all Blue Light profession's Police, Fire, Ambulance, NHS, Prison Service and Armed Forces with mental health issues, anxiety, stress, the list is endless.

I approached Lymm Anglers to see if they would support the charity in a way of providing venues to hold the programmes and very kindly Lymm Anglers offered the support we needed.

We take participants out on the bank and provide mentors to not only build their angling skills, but to build new life long friendships and also a support network within the charity, so far with the help of Lymm Anglers we have had a successful 3 years and we can't thank Lymm Anglers and the members enough, the bailiffs we have encountered are also a great bunch sharing information and chatting to all the people involved.

You may see us around this year on certain venues, come over and have a chat and see what we do and if you know anyone from the profession's mentioned and they want to give angling a go, just get them to contact us.

The Smiles speak a Thousand words

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1 Comment

Always great to see the Blue light anglers . Wishing you all tight lines . See you on the bank soon.

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