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Catfish record tumbles again!

We recently reported on the club Catfish record being broken with the capture of a 64lb specimen from Lymmvale. Well, the same fish has been caught again at an even heavier weight and, of course, another new club record! The successful captor on this occasion was Nev Evans and he outlines the story of his superb catch below……

Shaun and I managed to get Friday afternoon off so we decided on another session on the ‘Vale. This was to be our third session on the lake and once again, the double peg was free. This time we were going to leave the carp and tench alone and concentrate on the cats. A short time was spent with a whip and maggot catching enough livebaits (Rudd) for the night  and we were eventually set up for the session ahead.

The evening passed, uneventfully, into night, with the livebaits working well, the ‘polyballs’ dancing nicely. At 1.30 a.m., the left hand rod burst into life and I scrambled out into the rain (God, I hate the rain!) I began playing the fish, the majority of the fight being played out  in the middle part of the lake, until I felt her tiring, when I then guided her into the margin, where Shaun was waiting with the 50″ net. After a brief struggle, she went in the net – but only just,  what a fish!

'If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?'

‘If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?’

Five weeks ago I broke my PB cat with a fish from Cudmore of 49lb 10oz, but this fish was something else, the sheer length of her was amazing. The tripod was set up, scales zeroed and we hoisted her up in the weigh-sling. The digi-scales eventually settled on 65lb 6oz and I let out a scream of joy! (sorry if I woke anyone!)

'The captor returns!'

‘The captor returns!’

Now the fun began!  Trying to lift and hold this slimy, heavy fish in the rain was almost impossible, so I had to settle for some quick shots so that we could return her to the water as soon as possible. She just gently rested in the margin for a while, getting her breath and energy back before swimming off strongly.

For the record, the tackle used consisted of a Greys 3.25lb TC rod, coupled with a Shimano Medium Longcast reel loaded with 20lb Subline, a hooklength made up of 50lb Greased Weasel mono and a size 2 Korda ‘Choddy’ barbless hook.

Nev Evans with the 'new' Lymm AC Wels Catfish record of 65lb 6oz, June 2013

Nev Evans with the ‘new’ Lymm AC Wels Catfish record of 65lb 6oz, June 2013

Our congratulations go to Nev on being the newly-crowned, official Catfish record holder for Lymm AC, well done, Nev!

So, who will be next to break a club record? If you would like to join Lymm AC, then visit our website here.

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