☆☆COVID-19 Changes Update 27th March 2021☆☆

Night fishing commences

Night fishing will commence 6am Monday 29th this is to keep in line with Angling Trust guidelines on reducing crowds gathering, people will have all day Monday to arrive on their peg for Monday evening and we expect members to adhere to social distancing at all times.

Please note this does not include booking system waters where arrival times remain the same.

COVID-19 best practice

We still expect members to adhere to social distancing guidelines around carrying sanitizer, not sharing pegs or equipment with people outside your household and social distancing while on waters.

Waters re-opening

Founders Pool and Oasis Pool Hampton will re-open to members 29th March 2021. Opening times will depend on golf course reopening and Hampton springs opening times. Please remember only a maximum of 5 are allowed to night fish Founders Pool.

Booking system

Changes will be made to the booking system over the weekend to allow both day and night fishing to be booked. This is a work in progress so please bear with us. Current bookings will be treated as full 24-hour bookings for slots requested prior to booking update going live.


Please check the Government and Angling Trust guidance and familiarise yourself with any changes with regards to permitted travel or any travel restrictions, the club will not be held responsible if members are found to be in breach of Government restrictions.

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