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First time visit to Peover Eye for Gordon reveals a few of it’s secrets

This was my first visit after joining Lymm AC in late June. On arrival I had a look over the bridge and thought it is only small – not sure what I was expecting, probably something like the Dane. However I decided to walk upstream and investigate and got to the end of the upstream field and tackled up using a stick float, thinking I would start here and work my way down the swims.

I fished single caster on the hook and loose fed casters and a few maggots. Missed a bite second trot down however nailed it next trot. Felt like a lovely fish and eventually got it to the top and it was a rainbow trout. I slipped my landing net under the fish and brought it to the side  but when I lifted it out of the water no fish – flaming mice in the shed had put a big hole in one side of the net and the trout had got through the hole.

Unfortunately the hook then pulled out of the fish – not a good start. However things improved and I caught 8 trout in total all between 1lb and 1lb 7oz, 1 roach and 3 perch from various swims on the way back downstream. I also was snapped a few time as I was using only 1lb 14oz hook link. From a water that didn’t look awe inspiring I had a wonderful 5 hours fishing. In the words of Arnie “Asta La Vista” but with stronger hook links. A lovely spot to fish in an ideal country setting teeming with wildlife.

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