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Lymm AC acquire fishing rights to the River Severn at Bicton…

River Severn Bicton

Lymm AC are pleased to announce that as of Monday 24th June members have exclusive 24/7 access to  the River Severn at Bicton Farm just downstream from the famous Montford Bridge area of Shropshire.

An initial enquiry last Autumn from Lymm AC Bailiff Tom Casey, whilst fishing the Crewe Pioneers opposite bank, led to the New Acquisitions Manager Bill Last following up the lead and along with a couple of river regulars we visited the new stretch in October. At just on a mile in length the river looked stunning in it’s full autumn glory and the fact that it hadn’t been fished from our bank by a club for a long time only added to it’s potential to be home to large barbel and chub. The mention of ‘Barbel into teens’ raised interest even further and Bill continued to  work hard to discuss the opportunity with the landowner over the following months.

Eventually the lease was agreed and Bill along with a few volunteers spent the weekend of the Glorious 16th putting up signs and exploring the latest  addition to the clubs ever expanding portfolio. The River Perry feeds into the lower limit of our stretch and is known to hold a good head of Trout as well as the odd Salmon which leads us to believe that Pike will be present in the area providing a venue with something for everyone all year round.

River Severn Bicton

The map book has been updated with the latest addition and can be downloaded here. Members have access to hard standing car parking which is located at the end of a private track. The land owner holds motocross events at the venue which take part over a number of weekends throughout the year around a pre-constructed track close to the woods and as such has welcomed members who wish to watch free of charge. The event dates will be published in advance on our website and members can contact the landowner to confirm access to the river which, although it will be restricted to the downstream limit passed the coppice, still gives members plenty of river to go at.

Enjoy the new stretch of the Severn which we’re certain will reveal some surprises as the new season gets under way and it will no doubt require time and effort to produce the bigger fish but anglers will not be disappointed!!

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If you’re a river regular and would like to join Lymm AC you can do so here, with annual membership costing just £35 for a River Severn & Canals card which now offers a total of 7 quality stretches of river as well as 9 lengths of canal or full access to all waters from Juniors £10 per year, Pensioners £35, Intermediates £50 and Seniors £80 (Seniors pay a one off joining fee as well which is £35), there is also a Bridgewater Canal only card at £20. Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year so why not join us now.

Members have access to over 65 still waters, rivers and canals, for more information visit our website and we look forward to welcoming you to our club.

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