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Lymm AC acquire the final piece of the Llandrinio jigsaw…

Lymm AC are pleased to announce that as of Saturday the 10th of August members have exclusive 24/7 access to  the final section of our Llandrinio stretch of the upper River Severn.

Once again an initial enquiry last month by local Lymm AC Bailiff Tom Casey led to discussions with the owners and an agreement was finalised last weekend.  At just on 250 yards in length the new stretch now joins our existing one and a half mile length and runs right up to the road bridge making it easier for members to identify the upper limit when roving along this beautiful part of the River Severn.

There is also a camp site available to members which includes toilet and wash room facilities and even has electric hook-up for those who fancy staying over in style!! At a very reasonable £4 per person per night the camping will no doubt encourage long stay anglers to spend more time on this challenging section of river.

Although the river was very low at the weekend there are some lovely glides for trotting by the bridge and the faster flowing white water looks well oxygenated and a very likely holding spot for barbel that are known to run into the 12lb+ mark and hide amongst the streamer weed which is visible along this length whilst the river is low.

Enjoy the new stretch of the Severn which we’re certain will reveal some surprises as the season gets under way and it will no doubt require time and effort to produce the bigger fish but anglers will not be disappointed!!

If you’re a river regular and would like to join Lymm AC you can do so here, with annual membership costing just £35 for a River Severn & Canals card which now offers a total of 7 quality stretches of the River Severn as well as 9 lengths of canal.

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Full memberships start from just £10 for Juniors, Pensioners £35 and £80 per year for seniors and provides access to over 65 still waters, rivers and canals. For more information visit our website, join now and we look forward to welcoming you to our club.

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Hi were about is the Campsite for the new stretch of the Severn at Llandrinio...Do we have a postcode for it...thanks Paul.😊

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