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Paul tempts fine specimens from new stretch of the Severn.

Lymms’ newly acquired stretch of the River Severn at Bicton is already showing it’s potential for specimen sized fish. Club member, Paul Edwards made his first visit to the stretch recently and managed to bank two fine specimens in the form of a 9lb 4oz barbel and a 6lb chub……

Pauls' 9lb 4oz Bicton barbel.

Pauls’ 9lb 4oz Bicton barbel.

“On arrival at the river, I met up with bailiff, Steve Holland and we took a walk along the banks. Eventually I settled for a peg on the bend at the top of the stretch and started baiting by putting ten feeders-worth on each spot. I then relaxed with the first of many cups of tea and didn’t even start fishing until at least an hour after my pre-baiting. Both of the fish came to my upstream rod just as it was getting dark. I was obviously pleased with both of the fish, but the icing on the cake, for me, has to be the chub which, at 6lb, is just a few ounces shy of the club record!”

Pauls' 6lb chub from the newly acquired Bicton stretch.

Pauls’ 6lb chub from the newly acquired Bicton stretch.

For more information about this and other waters on the Lymm card, visit our website  we look forward to welcoming you to our club.

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