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Phil does it again with a new club record barbel!

Just under three weeks ago, Lymm member and Severn regular, Phil O’Callaghan set a new club record for barbel with a stunning fish of 11lb 5oz from the club’s stretch of the river at Rossall. Well, he’s been at it again!

Phil arrived at the river at about 5.45 p.m. and only had a couple of hours to spare. His target species this time was chub and he spent an hour so trotting a float until the light began to fade. With no action forthcoming on the float (save for a couple of missed bites) Phil changed over to a small maggot feeder set up, with 5lb line straight through to a size 14 hook and all on a 1.25lb TC Avon rod.

On his second cast of the feeder, he noticed a couple of ‘taps’, when the third ‘tap’ came, Phil struck and all went solid! Realising he had hooked a fair size fish, Phil took his time playing it not wanting to lose it, nor wanting to cause it any damage in such shallow water.

A good ten minutes later and the fish was in the net. Given that the river was so low, Phil ‘rested’ the fish by walking it out into deeper water midstream prior to a couple of self take shots with the camera and, of course, the weighing of the fish itself. Once up on the scales, they gave a reading of 12lb 5oz – smashing his previous record by a full pound! Phil said that it was a “lucky” catch – we just think it was great angling! Well done, Phil.

"....they gave a reading of 12lb 5oz!"

“….they gave a reading of 12lb 5oz!”

Phil O'Callaghan's NEW club record barbel 12lb 5oz September 2013

Phil O’Callaghan’s NEW club record barbel 12lb 5oz September 2013

If you would like to have a chance of catching specimen fish like this, check out our website where you can find details of lots of different waters to go at, including the incredible value of the ‘Rivers and Canals’ membership at just £35. We look forward to hearing from you – tight lines!

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