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Lymm AC Renew Membership

Last chance for renewal of 2021 Senior, Pensioner, Concessionary & Intermediate membership which will remain active until midnight on 28th February however should we reach our quota of Senior, Pensioner, Concessionary and Intermediate memberships sooner the club reserve the right to withdraw BAND B, BAND C, BAND D, BAND E & Intermediate for 2022 and you'll be invited to join the waiting list for 2023. At present we do not intend to limit the amount of All Rivers & Canals or Restricted Junior & Bridgewater Canal memberships however the club reserve the right to close all memberships once we have achieved our membership quota for 2022.

Renewal Dates

Memberships for 2022 will be available for renewing members from 1st December 2021, existing members must renew their current 2021 membership class before 31st January to continue fishing and all members must carry a valid membership card and a signed copy of the membership permit which will include the club rules at all times to show club bailiffs upon request.


PLEASE NOTE OUR WATERS PORTFOLIO IS LIABLE TO CHANGE THROUGHOUT THE MEMBERSHIP YEAR AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE CONSIDERED DUE TO THE LOSS OF VENUES. No refunds will be given for the closure of club waters or the restriction on travel to and from club waters or any other circumstances beyond the clubs control. You can read our refund policy in full here Refund Policy.

V5 Band A - Renew All Rivers &
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V5 Band C - Renew Pensioner Inc Overstam
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V5 Band C - Renew Concession Inc Oversta
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