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2023 Membership Renewals Now Open

Renewal of all 2022 memberships will be available from 1st December. Senior, Pensioner, Concessionary & Intermediate membership will remain active until midnight on 28th February however should we reach our quota of Senior, Pensioner, Concessionary and Intermediate memberships sooner the club reserve the right to withdraw BAND B, BAND C, BAND D, BAND E & Intermediate for 2023 and you'll be invited to join the waiting list for 2024. From 1st March if available ALL Senior, Pensioner, Concessionary & Intermediate memberships will include a joining fee. At present we do not intend to limit the amount of All Rivers & Canals or Restricted Junior & Restricted ALL Canals memberships however the club reserve the right to close all memberships once we have achieved our membership quota for 2023. Existing 2022 members of any membership Band A to E or Restricted Band can renew their membership for 2023 above. Any renewing member can upgrade or downgrade their membership as required for example a 2022 BAND A - All Rivers & Canals member can renew as a BAND D - Senior or BAND E - Senior with Overstamp without having to pay the joining fee again. In exceptional circumstances existing members may apply to the Club Secretary in writing before 31st March 2023 to defer your membership renewal until 2024 without having to pay a joining fee. New memberships for BANDS A & RESTRICTED classes will be available from 1st January 2023 and new memberships for BANDS D to BAND E will be available from 1st February 2023. Lymm Angling Club.

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