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Serpentine Pool closed from 13/06/22

Serpentine Pool is currently closed due to the carp spawning and potentially high temperatures towards the weekend. Any current bookings will be cancelled and the participants informed.

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I am writing this on here because I can't seem to find anywhere else to write it. Apologies if I am in the wrong place.

I am writing about a strange experience that I had yesterday on Beech Pool, Belmont Estate. (Some people call it The Serpentine, but its correct name is Beech Pool).

I have been fishing Beech Pool since 2004 and been a member of Lymm AC since 1982. However, I have never felt anything as strange as I felt yesterday.

Prior to fishing I walked the entire length of the pool (as there was nobody else there I was not annoying anybody). I did not see any signs of fish during this inspection. Unperturbed I set …

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