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New stretches of canal acquired!

I am pleased to report that the club have entered into a new agreement with the canals and rivers trust for various canal lengths and fishing of these is with immediate effect. There are changes which I will now elaborate on. Firstly the club no longer have rights to the Macc Canal . We do now however have several additional miles of the Shropshire Union and Llangollen Canals. With immediate effect we have rights to the Shropshire from bridge 107 Beeston to bridge 120 at Rowton. The Llangollen canal we have from bridge 13 at Wrenbury right through to bridge 33 at Whitchurch. This canal passes through Norbury, Quoits ley, Grindley Brook and to just beyond Whitchurch. It’s considered very good fishing particularly through the quieter boat traffic period.



Visit for details of these and our other waters.

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Peter  Carr
Peter Carr
Apr 15, 2022

Please Note: Parking at Grindley Brook, I am a new member this season and thought i would give this canal ago for the Perch, on lures. So Parked up as instructed in club water information and popped into the cafe just to confirm I was parked for the fishing, I was told it was a private car park and anglers are not permitted. the owner told me she had been trying to contact the club about this issue without any success. so I parked on the wide curbed area on the road bridge, as there is a layby further up the road but that was full.

So Please be aware, I Did contact Club Secretary about this at the time.

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